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What is Accolades? Innovative Ways for Companies to Make it

Do you want to learn more about Accolades? Any awards your company receives from clients, customers, trade associations, or key members of your community are valuable sources of marketing material. Whenever your organization is recognized for excellence in any area, by spreading it widely to establish trust and convince your target audience that your brand is worth doing business with. Making the most of that honor is a wise idea.

The key to maximizing the benefits of awards, testimonials, and positive reviews is to incorporate them into your content marketing strategy and reuse them in different formats that can be distributed and shared across different channels. Below, we have provided some ideas on how to increase the recognition of accolades your company receives.

Accolade was borrowed into English in the 16th century from French. The French noun, in turn, derives from the verb accoler, which means “to embrace,” and ultimately from the Latin term collum, meaning “neck.” (Collum is also an ancestor of the English word collar.) When it was first borrowed from French, accolade referred to a ceremonial embrace that once marked the conferring of knighthood. The term was later extended to any ceremony conferring knighthood (such as the more familiar tapping on the shoulders with the flat part of a sword’s blade), and eventually extended to honors or awards in general.

Make Accolades: Strike the iron while it’s hot 

Strike while the iron is hot and ask if they can share the importance of the iron. If you can use search engine reviews, ask if you can copy and paste what you’ve already said in the comments. The same applies to social media. Go further and ask if they’re willing to share the same message in their video testimonials. The key is to make the experience seamless. – Damon Burton, SEO National

Make Accolades: Create a case study that shows why it’s worthy of praise

Create a detailed case study that showcases the award you won and what you did to win it. At the same time, it should reflect what differentiates it from its competitors. Contact influential online sites with the same audience as you and ask them to publish their case studies. This is how you reach more potential customers and make an excellent first impression! -Ajay Prasad, GMR Web Team

Make Accolades: Extract testimonial citations for use in paid media campaigns

Testimonials can be a valuable source of verification or confirmation that users can check before converting. Obtaining testimonial citations for inclusion in your company’s paid media campaigns is a powerful and unique way to demonstrate authority and credibility to your target audience and likely lead users to their goals. – Donna Robinson, Collective Action 

Make Accolades: Share the process and tell the story behind the award

It’s overwhelming to see positive reviews everywhere, yet we all want to know the story behind it. Be creative and share your process with the world. Posting videos on social media, posting portfolio case studies on your website, and finishing with awards from clients are all great ways to share how great your project is. – Oganes Vagramovich Barsegyan, Digital Beverly Marketing Solutions 

Make Accolades: Create content about your audience's experience, not your business
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Make Accolades: Create content about your audience’s experience, not your business

When a company wins an award for excellence, it’s natural for management to want to take advantage of it. The problem is that they often amplify it by creating about themselves and sharing it on their blogs and social media posts. The trick is to create and amplify content about why they won this award. Is. That makes the viewer’s experience more critical than the viewer himself.-Roger Harni, Madison Avenue.

Make Accolades: Show your appreciation to the team for their commendable work

First and foremost, thank you. Then capture authentic moments to share with the people whose efforts have led to that recognition. Case studies that reflect your company’s values are a great content for your website or social media, but everything is possible. By ensuring the internal enrichment of the team to make it better, the team will work at a higher level and deliver the next round of commendable work. – Jonathan Schwartz, Bullseye Strategy

Make Accolades: Announcing your achievements on your website with pop-up messages and graphics

Delivering results on your website is an easy way to increase credibility significantly. Create a temporary pop-up message announcing the award and add the relevant badge or logo to your website banner. Use visual interest to draw attention to awards. – Hannah Trivette, NUVEW Web Solutions

Make Accolades: Use awards in newsletter headlines, social media captions, and email signatures

Of course, you should reuse awards and testimonials in your marketing strategy, but a more eye-catching and effective way is to use them as newsletter headlines and social media post captions. Including awards and testimonials in your email signature is another excellent way to build credibility and draw more attention to your business. – Spencer Handelman, Advantage Marketing

Make Accolades: Read the message to staff and ask them to think about how they contributed.

There is nothing wrong with promoting these messages externally, but in my experience, they are most valuable internally. Most professional services companies struggle to align, and these messages can help remind people of their mission and boost team pride. Ask them to reflect on how they contributed to the results. – Randy Shattuck, The Shattuck Group

Make Accolades: Create an inspirational celebration promo video to share the news

Create inspiring promotional videos that include interviews with clients, clients, or industry group representatives to discuss why you deserve an award. You can also include an image or video that explains the story or reasoning behind the award. Everyone loves seeing great party videos on social media, e-newsletters, and his website. – April Margulies, Trust

Make Accolades: Decompose, explore, and present the factors that contributed to your success

Discussing and presenting your winning story in writing, video, seminar, or in another format can help your brand make a difference. Not only does this provide an opportunity to share important messages, but it also gives customers a compelling and compelling reason to search and engage with your brand. – Chris Martin, FlexMR

Make Accolades: Expand their reach by joining groups that have offered awards

When you win an award, join the group that gave it to extend the reach of that award. The basic approach is based on enhancements to support marketing and sales activities with prospects. However, to add value to the first award, you must also be involved, be innovative, and make an effort to take advantage of networking opportunities by offering to join the advisory board or inquire about other opportunities. . – Albert Moufarrij, MACH9.

Make Accolades: Provide context by presenting awards alongside relevant content 

Show your awards anytime, including branding videos, advertising campaigns, and website content. There is no limit. What matters is the context. What are the awards related to? When it comes to service and quality, the award should be presented with appropriate content. This makes your existing content even more valuable. -Bernard May, National Positions

Make Accolades: Secure a place in review with an integrated marketing strategy 

If you don’t already have a marketing strategy integrated into your business, create one and reserve a place for review there. Create a process to collect feedback and amplify it through social media, his website, customer newsletters, and internal communications to increase employee engagement internally and drive customers and prospects from the outside to the brand. Attract. – Mary Ann O’Brien, OBI Creative

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