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Make Hot Cocoa Bombs! Fast & Easy

Cocoa is one of the most valuable and delicious Mexican gifts. Cocoa and its products are among the most popular flavors globally; we can say that just a few people do not like the taste of cocoa. People worldwide consume more than 3 million tons of cocoa beans annually. Consuming cocoa because of its taste makes a person feel good, and it is valuable for the heart and brain.

On the other hand, various products are made, including cocoa biscuits, hot chocolate, cocoa ice cream, and hot cocoa bombs! Cocoa also has its disadvantages and properties. But did you know that this product is made from a plant of the same name? Have you ever seen a cocoa tree and cocoa fruit, and do you know exactly which part of it turns into cocoa powder? For this you can use the following content that is quoted from Wikipedia. Are you interested in cooking? After reading this article, I suggest you read “How to cook Turkey! A Delicious Christmas Turkey!“.

Dry cocoa solids are the components of cocoa beans remaining after cocoa butter, the fatty component of the bean, is extracted from chocolate liquor, roasted cocoa beans that have been ground into a liquid state. Cocoa butter is 46% to 57% of the weight of cocoa beans and gives chocolate its characteristic melting properties. Cocoa powder is the powdered form of the dry solids with a small remaining amount of cocoa butter. Untreated cocoa powder is bitter and acidic. Dutch process cocoa has been treated with an alkaline to neutralize the acid.

What are Hot Cocoa Bombs?

What are Hot Cocoa Bombs
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Hot cocoa bombs are delicious. Hot cocoa bombs consist of a cocoa crust with the desired taste and color. The inside of these balls is filled with hot chocolate or cocoa and marshmallows and chocolate chips, and so on. Making hot cocoa bombs at home is very easy and fun and has become very popular. Preparing a hot beverage like delicious cocoa milk or Dalgona coffee on cold winter days is especially enjoyable.

Put the hot cocoa bombs in a glass and pour hot milk on it. The heat of the milk melts the cocoa and opens the cocoa bomb. The marshmallows and hot cocoa combine with the milk, giving you a hot and attractive drink. The question arises of how we can make these hot cocoa bombs at home?

Making these hot cocoa bombs is a straightforward and convenient task. They can be easily prepared and decorated for any occasion. Pour some hot milk on these hot cocoa bombs and finally see how they surprise you. You will see a sweet and delicious surprise.

These hot cocoa bombs are an excellent choice for different occasions and are a fantastic gift for cocoa lovers! It does not matter if you want to make these cocoa bombs for weekends, Valentine’s Day, or birthday parties; they are always a great option.

How to make hot cocoa bombs?

To prepare the cocoa bomb. First, we melt the desired cocoa on the indirect heat of water vapor by the Ben Marie method. To make these bombs, we have to use a round silicone mold that you can buy from confectionery accessories.

Pour some cocoa into the mold, and by turning the mold or using a brush, completely dip the wall and floor of the mold with cocoa.

Until the whole mold is wholly covered with cocoa, if the amount of cocoa you poured into the mold was too much, tilt the mold at the end.

Place the mold in the refrigerator until the cocoa is frozen and take it out of the fridge and cover the walls of the mold entirely with cocoa again with the help of a brush so that the cocoa becomes thicker and more potent and does not break when removed from the mold.

After you have completely covered the walls with cocoa, transfer the mold to the refrigerator again so that the cocoa completely takes itself and closes it, and then take the mold out of the fridge and separate the sides of the mold from the cocoa and one side to Gently remove the cocoa from the mold.

You can do the same with colored cocoa or white cocoa and make white semicircles. You can use powder colors to decorate the cocoa. “I used gold and silver to color the cocoas. Pour some powdered silver paint into a bowl. :)”

Add the color solvent to it to dilute and dissolve it (alcohol is used to dissolve powder colors, but you can use powder color solvents and buy them from confectionery accessories.)
You can completely cover the inside of the mold with one color or paint the inside in a spiral and leave a space for the second color.

Let this paint dry first, and then pour some golden powder paint into the container.

Add some solvent to the paint to dilute it, and then repaint the inside of the mold with gold paint to cover the empty spaces. (Add the paint solvent until the powder paint is slightly diluted and out of the paste state. Adding too much paint solvent will cause the paint to thin too much)

To paint the pieces and scatter them on the cocoa, we first cover the brush’s body with silver paint and draw the brush on the finger so that the color is thrown to the mold in scattered pieces of this dry silver color. Then do the same with the golden color to fill the cocoa with pieces of silver and gold that randomly fit the mold and create a beautiful design.

You can use a variety of designs and colors to paint the template. When the colors are dry, pour the melted cocoa into the mold like the previous examples. By moving and rotating the cocoa mold, completely dip it into the walls, let it close, and make the mold walls stronger and thicker with cocoa again.

And exit the mold later. The design of the mold is completely transferred to the cocoa. When you have prepared all the cocoas, it is time to connect the two halves of the cocoa.
Put a plate in the microwave to heat or pour boiling water on the plate to heat and then wipe with a towel. (Instead, you can put a pan or tray on the heat, then remove it from the heat and use) and put the edges of a cocoa semicircle on the plate and move to melt a little.

Then, separate the plate and fill it with hot cocoa powder, marshmallows, or favorite ingredients. At this stage, you must have the speed of action, and before closing the cocoa, melt the edges of the next semicircle on a plate and place it on a semicircle filled with ingredients so that it is completely fixed and the edges of the two semicircles are entirely on top of each other. And do not go back and forth.
Do this step carefully until the cartoon is clean of water, and after closing the cocoa, your cocoa bomb is ready. Do the same for the other semicircles.

Instead of hot cocoa powder, you can mix equal amounts of light cocoa powder (not dark) and brown sugar and pour them into cocoa bombs. You can use more marshmallows inside the cocoa bomb or put cocoa chips inside.

You can also decorate simple cocoa bombs depending on your taste. If you keep them simple, you can melt some cocoa of the same color or the opposite color, pour it into the funnel, and create lines on the bombs reciprocally.
In general, the decoration of cocoa bombs is tasteful and desirable. Put these bombs in a glass, pour hot milk on them, and have an attractive, delicious drink. This is entertaining for kids.
We hope you find this article helpful and that you can use it to make delicious hot cocoa bombs for yourself or your loved ones and enjoy it.

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