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How to Show Someone You Appreciate Them!

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s the value of our relationships and the importance of staying connected even when apart. According to a recent survey, three-quarters of respondents said isolation was difficult, but they were more concerned with their relationships with family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers. They value it (76%). However, two in five women said the pandemic had negatively affected their relationships with family and friends (40%). Another 38% say they feel lonely, and 3 in 10 (30%) often feel left out, depressed or inadequate after using social media. One of the best ways to strengthen relationships is by showing appreciation. Whether you want to show your appreciation to your partner, friends, or family, here are some of the best ways, according to experts:

Ways to Appreciate Others

  • Say thank you for appreciate them

Sometimes I forget why my parents taught me to say “thank you” so early. But believe it or not, thank you is a significant word to show someone that you appreciate them, she explains Ana De La Cruz of LMFT. It may sound simple, but relationships can change. Speak well in a sincere tone.

  • Pay attention

Listen and pay attention when they talk or share something with you. It verifies. You can also use their shared details to find another opportunity to show your appreciation later. This shows what you’ve heard: Holly Schiff, PsyD, Chartered Clinical Psychologist.

  • Listen empathetically

Give them space to vent their emotions when they are having a difficult day. Listening without judging shows your appreciation for who the other person is.

  • Write words of gratitude for appreciate them

Writing skills help a lot. A thank you letter can show someone how much you appreciate what they’ve done for you by taking your precious time, says De La Cruz. I always remind couples of the importance of saying, “Thank you for changing the toilet paper.”

  • Be Reliable

Be on time, keep your promises and do what you say. Don’t let them feel unappreciated or taken for granted. Show that you value their time and that they want to spend time with you.

  • Be accurate

Instead of pointing out and naming behaviors, Hutchison explains, focus on the person’s characteristics. Thank them for being helpful, thoughtful, and sincere.

  • actions speak louder than words

De La Cruz has probably heard the adage, “Don’t do it.” Do something nice to show your partner or family that you appreciate them. Bring their favorite coffee. Cook her favorite food. Do the laundry and let them know why you did it. “I am so grateful you cleaned the house yesterday, so I cooked your favorite meal.”

  • Brighten up your day with plants and flowers 

Show your appreciation with a beautiful arrangement. When they see your gift, they’ll remember your gratitude, Hutchison says.

  • Make small sacrifices for appreciate them

This shows that you care so much about the other person that you put their needs and desires above your own. Transport. This indicates not only gratitude but also selflessness and love.

  • Try to be  available

If your spouse did something nice for you this morning and you want to thank them later, make it available, explains De La Cruz. Please give them your full attention, look them in the eye, smile, and tell them when you see them acting differently. I am thrilled, and I appreciate it.”

  • Compliment 

Praise them for who they are, their positive traits and qualities, and their successes. You can also notice and appreciate transport.

  • Recommend articles they might be interested in

Arlene B. Englander, LCSW, MBA, said, “Send an article on a topic that you think will be informative and useful to someone. Our friends will appreciate our interest, and we will. It’s always nice to know that you want to keep us up to date on what’s happening.

  • Be careful

One of the principles of applied behavior analysis is that if you want to reinforce a behavior—that is, if you want that behavior to occur again you need to strengthen or reward that behavior, explains De La Cruz. To do. Showing appreciation for the actions of others makes them more likely to do so again. What step do you want to repeat? “

  • Focus on specific behaviors and express appreciation 

The key here is to be specific! In everyday life, it is easy to leave a “thank you.” Mollie Eliasof, a psychotherapist, private counselor, and host of the More with Mollie podcast, makes people feel recognized. It explains that you will be able to understand what is helping your life.

  • share the fun for appreciate them

Send her humorous comedy skits to anyone who can use a laugh, says the Englishman. Laughter is therapeutic for all of us, and when you find a routine that makes you laugh out loud, sharing that experience with someone is a great gift.

How to Show Someone You Appreciate them!
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  • Smile and maintain eye contact 

This works wonders! Elias explains that showing gratitude is easy. It’s easy for those around us to overlook or not notice it. By taking the time to maintain eye contact, you can be together in this moment of gratitude.

  • physical contact

Physical touch communicates that you feel accepted and cared for. Physical contact and intimacy promote well-being and well-being and create compassion in interactions. By creating feelings of huffy acceptance, happiness, and understanding, you can show someone that you care. It can be displayed.

  • Always take something off the plate

We all have work to do every day; he says Eliasof. A brighter day gives you a little more space to breathe and relax.

  • Incorporate small gestures 

Small gestures like opening the door, a kiss on the forehead, or a long hug are small ways to make someone feel loved. Hafiz As the old saying goes, actions speak louder than words. Because of this, people sometimes value efforts over gifts and expressions. These small gestures show that you care and care about them.

  • Say thank you with personal feedback 

It’s good to say thank you to someone or something they’ve done, but clearly explain why something was so important to you or how others have affected you. Providing specific feedback on whether or not you’ve been successful creates a deeper connection. Said this.

  • Write down words for appreciate them

Do this where you can see it every day, says Eliason. A text or a quick email may feel like an easy way out, but taking the time to write your gratitude somewhere you can report it goes a long way!

  • Create a photo album or memory book 

Create something meaningful for them. Highlight the part of your relationship or life you are most proud of. You can hold it forever and rely on it when you need a smile or pick me up.

  • Find your partner’s (or friend’s) love language

Her five love languages are quality time, service, physical contact, positive words, and receiving gifts. Knowing the love language of your partner, family, or friends can help you find the best way to express love and appreciation. Love language will not always be the same. If you encounter quality time as your partner’s love language, book a trip that allows you to spend a lot of time together.

  • Create cute, funny, and heartfelt videos 

A video is a fun way to share appreciation with someone, something that others can forever remember and relate to. Mac Speak from the heart or add some humor to show who that person is. Or let someone know that you appreciate what they have done.

  • Show off how helpful you are to others 

Nothing beats feeling like an All-Star. Mr. Eliasof, tell others in front of them how much you appreciate their efforts and actions in your life.

  • Make a list of your top 10 favorite things about someone 

Be specific about what they bring to the world, their unique gift, and why you love them. We all want to be seen, and this token of appreciation will go a long way.

  • No need to wait if you can do it now

If you refrain from showing gratitude, the other person will probably feel like you’re not. And by the time they do, they may already have developed resentments that will be difficult to undo later, says Dr. Help. This begins with perception and relaxation. Please note what your partner does daily to take care of you and your family and write it down. James V. Dr. Cordova, professor of psychology at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts, said: It may be just for yourself at first, but keeping a gratitude journal at the end of the day is a great habit. And when you get bold, you can share it with your partner.

  • If you can meet face to face, do so

She says that this can accentuate your representation of her and increase her emotional significance and range of expression.

  • Encourage emotional expression and respond accordingly 

To encourage your partner to open up to you emotionally, you need to promote emotional expression and respond with a genuine affirmation of the level of expression your partner is doing. Cordoba. Then ask what you can do to help.

  • Reply

When someone does something good for you, you return the favor by providing them with a helpful or meaningful service, says LCPC licensed psychotherapist The Financial Mindset Fix: A Mental Fitness. Joyce Marter, the author of Program for an Abundant life, explained.

  • Donations 

Donate to someone’s favorite charity, says Dr. Natalie Bernstein, psychologist and mental health coach. It’s a great way to positively recognize people you don’t know well without buying something too personal.

  • Send an e-card 

If you have limited time, e-cards are a great way to say thank you quickly. E-cards have their personality and are often welcomed in busy mailboxes, says Dr. Carla Marie Manley, clinical psychologist, speaker, and author of the forthcoming book Date Smart.

  • Give love to social media 

Please like, share, or comment on their posts, Marter says. Please nominate and endorse on LinkedIn, Google, etc.

  • surprise!

The surprise element is a great way to show appreciation. Whether you’re planning a date night, unexpectedly bringing your favorite meal to the office, or buying a small gift for a loved one, unexpected treats are always a hit.

  • Care packages

Dr. Manly says sending care packages is a great way to show appreciation. Even the most straightforward care package says “thank you!” whether the package contains homemade treats or store-bought items.

  • Invite them to do meaningful things together 

Spend quality time together. Put them first and consider doing something they enjoy and don’t want to do, says Marter. There’s always a reason to throw a party, and an awards party is easy, says Dr. Amber. When his husband worked long hours, we held a surprise party for him. We made signs, cooked his favorite foods, and wrote cards to tell him how much we appreciated his efforts.

  • Build a basket of homemade produce 

A summer garden produces its bounty, and sharing fruits and vegetables can be a great way to show appreciation. Manly. Handing out baskets or bags filled with homegrown produce is a meaningful and time-honored way to show genuine appreciation to others.

  • Leave thank you sticky notes at home, work, or in the car 

Simple messages like “thank you,” “thank you,” and “I love you” can lift someone’s spirits and enrich their day, explains Marter.

  • Help

Help with household chores, work projects, and life!
Please help me and say “thank you very much.” Virtue Supplements Ph.D. and CEO Jaclyn Bauer said: Helping them choose something from their plate is a great help and a way to let them know how you feel.

  • Try to find small, thoughtful gestures that relate to what happened that week

Make it a game. Try to be as creative as possible to pick something out of the conversations and events in your spouse’s or partner’s day or week, says Jason Drake, LCSW-S Chief Clinician, and Katy. Owner of Teen and Family Counseling. for example, Your spouse, partner, or friend may express frustration at not feeling heard or valued at work. During the week, you can follow up with cards and a list of essential things to you in your relationship with them.

  • Applaud 

According to Mango’s clinic therapist Amber O’Brien, his bosses and managers can praise their employees for their hard work and progress. It makes him feel great and more productive at his job, even with his family and friends.

  • Being there emotionally and physically 

If you value this person, they were probably there for you somehow, says Dr. Farmer. Reward this behavior and show them how much you appreciate them by being there for them emotionally and physically.

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