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Best Ways to Increase Concentration

In your new career, you are looking for ways to increase concentration during the day; we have often been distracted and asked ourselves: “What was I doing?” Sometimes this distraction and lack of focus become annoying.

Lack of concentration or distraction can be caused by fatigue, being too busy, lack of motivation, and many other reasons. Not focusing on whatever we are doing causes our efficiency to decline, and, as a result, our success rate decreases.

Do not multitask

A person who multitasks is skilled and successful. Still, according to a study conducted in 2009 at Stanford University, it was found that people who multitask in terms of attention span, memory capacity, and The ability to switch attention from one subject to another are poorer than those who focus on a single task. People who get used to multitasking will gradually get distracted by even the most minor things.


Doing meditation requires a lot of concentration. Each time you repeat this, you will become more in control of your thoughts and the factors that distract you. At the University of Carolina, a study was conducted on several students. It was found that those who meditated for 20 minutes every day scored better in “Cognitive Tests” than others.

Exercise regularly

Exercise is good for the health of the body and brain. Doing sports exercises increases memory capacity and concentration power. Every time you exercise, a substance called brain neurotrophic factor is released into the body. This substance restores the neural circuits related to memory in the brain and improves its function.

Make a to-do list

Unfinished tasks always occupy a corner of the mind and create something called the “Zeigarnik Effect.” The Zygarnik effect means the tendency of the brain to review unfinished tasks constantly. By making a list of the tasks you have in mind, the priority of the tasks you need to do will be clear for you, and it will help you not to skip things or jump from one task to another. Gradually, you will focus on the same activity at any time, and you will be less likely to leave something unfinished.

Named after Lithuanian-Soviet psychologist Bluma Zeigarnik, in psychology the Zeigarnik effect occurs when an activity that has been interrupted may be more readily recalled. It postulates that people remember unfinished or interrupted tasks better than completed tasks. In Gestalt psychology, the Zeigarnik effect has been used to demonstrate the general presence of Gestalt phenomena: not just appearing as perceptual effects, but also present in cognition.

Take some caffeine

If you feel tired and can’t concentrate, take some caffeine. Caffeine is present in coffee and some types of chocolate. Note that consuming too much caffeine has the opposite effect and causes a lack of concentration and distraction.

Have fun while working

You may have heard that watching cat clips on the Internet increases people’s productivity. This is true, and in addition to managing these, taking a walk or even closing your eyes for a few minutes and resting like this will make your mind relax and focus better on any task. You should give yourself a few minutes to rest in the middle of work.

Do not bring work home

Resting time and being away from work are essential for your concentration and efficiency. As long as you are at work, you are busy and accountable. But as soon as you leave there, don’t think about work anymore. When you close the office door, do the job and don’t bring it home.

Increase the concentration power of your mind with practice

The human brain and mental muscles are strengthened by training. Of course, the exact type of these exercises and the duration of their effect on the efficiency of the mind still need to be discovered to a large extent.

Sometimes, be in quiet places

Annoying environmental noises such as cars honking or children screaming cause the release of cortisol, the stress hormone. Too much cortisol interferes with brain function and lowers concentration. The bad news is that the more we are exposed to noise pollution, the stronger our body reacts. So its destructive effects are more.

Staring at a distant object

Many of us spend many hours a day staring at a monitor. This staring puts a lot of pressure on the eye nerves. Fatigue and eye pressure make it harder for us to concentrate, so we perform analysis and processing of information weaker. Don’t forget the “20-20-20 rule”: After 20 minutes of work (focusing on the monitor), stare at an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

Sleep well at night

One of the bad consequences of sleeping at night is poor concentration and distraction. Be sure to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep at night, Especially if you have a busy day ahead of you.

Work with the Internet turned off

There are many online distractions. Suppose you can turn off the Internet while working. People usually open many work and non-work pages while working and are always entertained by different messages and news. Remember that whenever you jump into a new task, some of your attention and focus remain on the previous task.

Design your workspace

Ways to Increase Concentration
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To concentrate, you must have a strong will. The amount of human mental energy is limited, and tasks such as making decisions or strengthening our will drain our mental energy to a great extent. This energy must be stored and preserved. Remove the factors that you always have to decide on. For example, consider a fixed place to work and fixedly maintain the space. In this way, you don’t need to decide about the place and its belongings every time.

During breaks, relax

Many people feel they should have something to do while resting. This is not good at all and hurts the functioning of your mind and senses. Sometimes, leave Facebook and Netflix and enjoy “doing nothing.”

Allocate specific hours to work

Set specific criteria and plan for yourself, and stick to them. In this way, you have to deal with fewer issues at any given moment. Just like choosing a specific place to work, allocating specific hours is also a practical factor that makes you more focused and accurate.

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