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Are you always late?! 11 simple ways to be punctual

Don’t they know you as a punctual person? Are you tired of feeling your time is running out in a hurry? Isn’t it time to slow down? Many people do their work in a hurry and haste, and this issue puts a lot of pressure and stress on them. In this article, we introduce 11 ways to deal with rushing from the language of mental health experts. Reading these solutions can be very useful if you belong to this category.

Punctuality is the characteristic of being able to complete a required task or fulfill an obligation before or at a previously designated time. “Punctual” is often used synonymously with “on time”.

According to each culture, there is often an understanding about what is considered an acceptable degree of punctuality. Usually, a small amount of lateness is acceptable; this is commonly about five to ten minutes in most Western cultures, but this is not the case in such instances as doctor’s appointments.

Some cultures have an unspoken understanding that actual deadlines are different from stated deadlines, for example with African time. For example, it may be understood in a particular culture that people will turn up an hour later than advertised. In this case, since everyone understands that a 9 pm party will actually start at around 10 pm, no-one is inconvenienced when everyone arrives at 10 pm.

In cultures that value punctuality, being late is seen as disrespectful of others’ time and may be considered insulting. In such cases, punctuality may be enforced by social penalties, for example by excluding low-status latecomers from meetings entirely. Such considerations can lead on to considering the value of punctuality in econometrics and to considering the effects of non-punctuality on others in queueing theory.

Ways to be punctual: Learn to say no

Be realistic about how long each of your tasks and projects will take, and consider your other life responsibilities. Before responding to other people’s requests requiring time and energy, take a minute to see if you have the ability and time to make that request. If you think it is difficult, it is better to say “no.”

Accepting too many different responsibilities will make you need more time to do your work, and you will always be in a hurry. If you are uncomfortable saying “no” to others, you can practice this with a friend or colleague. Saying “no” to others will help lighten your schedule and prevent you from rushing.

Ways to be punctual: Pay attention to the times you arrive late.

Marsden, professor of psychology at Leesburg and Florida, says: To change your behavior and deal with rushing, you must first understand when you usually rush. Ask yourself if you are more in a rush during your morning routines or routines. Knowing when you tend to rush more will help you understand why you rush.

Ways to be punctual: Take a rest

A recent Cornell study shows that taking small breaks throughout the day, even just five minutes, can recharge your brain and increase your productivity. Giving your mind time to process the events of the day will help you get back on track if you get off the way and have the energy to continue.

Ways to be punctual: Don’t worry about being late in advance.

Don’t worry about the possible consequences of being late. Jennifer Guttman always suggests to her clients to keep saying to themselves: I’m not late until I’m late! Focus the energy you spend worrying about being late on ensuring you’re fully prepared to arrive at your destination.

To combat rushing, Dr. Guttman suggests setting your clock ten minutes earlier than when you’re supposed to wake up in the first place. He believes starting the day in a hurry is a sure way to start the day off on the wrong track. Also, waking up early is one of the habits of successful people.

Ways to be punctual: Focus on the present

Many of us would love to spend an extra hour or two in yoga and meditation classes, but people who are always in a rush have very little spare time, says psychotherapist and author Mike Dow. To counter the rush and gain more peace, she suggests practicing mindfulness and meditation while going about daily tasks, focusing on the present moment.

Pay attention to all five of your senses when you are engaged in an activity. Instead of eating while anxiously checking email, eat or focus on the same thing while you shower. This applies to any activity, such as walking, washing dishes, and even making love.

If you focus on what’s in front of you, you’ll feel more relaxed and able to get everything done. If you don’t take breaks or distractions between your tasks, you’ll get them done faster.

Ways to be punctual: Slow down

This solution may seem strange to people who are always in a hurry, but it can help you progress. Most of the time, people rush through their various tasks and never complete them. Dr. Gottman says: “They rush to the next thing before they’ve done it.” As the day goes on, they get more stuck and feel like they can’t cross off any of the things on their list because they haven’t done anything completely.

Ways to be punctual: Do fewer things at a time.

People who are always in a hurry think they will save time if they do several things at once, says Dr. Dow. This is true when you do two simple things, like closing a stack of papers and watching TV simultaneously.

 Brain scans show us that doing one task at a time is faster than doing multiple tasks simultaneously. You need to save time when you switch between different tasks to get them going simultaneously. So it is better to focus on doing only one thing simultaneously to save time. The more time you save, the less you need to rush.

Ways to be punctual: Leave a gap between your dates.

“When I started in therapy, I made a terrible scheduling mistake and scheduled six appointments without a break,” says therapist Mallory Grist. Fortunately, my clients kindly understood me and allowed me to take a short break between sessions.”

“Just because you have free time in your schedule doesn’t mean it has to be filled with work, appointments, or other responsibilities,” she says. “Take an hour to do nothing and just relax.”

Ways to be punctual: Use a timer for anything.

If you want to take a long shower, schedule it. To combat procrastination, set your watch to remind you to do anything. For example, to remind you when it’s time to leave the house to attend a meeting or when it’s time to put away your cell phone and social networks and do your main work. He suggests that you write a specific plan for your work. For example, work for a few hours set your clock, and check your social networks to relax and recharge. When the alarm goes off, go back to work for a certain amount of time and then go back to social media.

Guttman says you feel good about making more progress and holding yourself to higher standards. Most people are proud of themselves for spending less time on social media.

Ways to be punctual: Prioritize

Instead of a detailed plan, write a general method for your day, says Grimst. Some tasks, such as appointments, require a specific time, but generally, it is easier to follow and complete a list of tasks for the day than to set a time for each task. I try to do the day’s three primary and essential functions, “MIT: Most Important Task,” first. After completing those, if I have time, “which I often do,” I’ll go over the rest of the list. This helps a lot in managing time and dealing with rushing.

Ways to be punctual: Be prepared for the unexpected.

Even if you get all your work done on time, you must consider that other people’s work may need improvement. If the other person is late, you’ll be late too, which can drive you crazy if you’re not prepared for it.

Traffic is always there, public transportation sometimes only works occasionally, or queues at various stores and offices may be longer than you think. If you’re prepared for this, it takes a lot of the pressure off. So put a small book in your bag or have a podcast and meditation on your phone so that you can use your slow time.

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