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Three quick methods for meditation and mental exercises

Each of us devotes time to activities that tire the mind and body. These activities can be at work and related to our profession or at home due to doing daily household chores and so on. It is necessary for every person who spends several hours doing something in one position to relax and exercise his mind so that he can continue the rest of the day without mental and mental fatigue. Meditation is the solution; Even for a few minutes a day, put everything aside and gain more strength by doing meditation and mindfulness exercises. Suggested solutions by trainers and experts for teaching meditation at home and work are provided in this content.

Teaching meditation at work using the mindfulness method

Mindfulness is a modern way to focus the mind, free it from illusions and distractions, and continue to work wherever you are. Of course, meditating at work is different from other places, and you can’t just sit on your knees on the floor. Put your elbows on your knees and think about your change! The way you are taught, none of your colleagues will even know you are meditating. One of the things you can do to focus more and return to your activity is to take a deep breath. This simple but powerful and effective method will bring you back to your original self.

When the phone rings, you don’t pick it up on the first ring. Wait for three rings, take a deep breath, and then answer the phone. Work with yourself and try to use the ringing of your office phone and cell phone as a cue. And you can get back to your work more easily. In fact, a deep breath makes all your extra thoughts and imagination disappear, and you can return to your work environment.

Another exercise that can be done is to send a message via email or any social network or internal networks of your company, first take a deep breath, and then click the send button. This strategy becomes a habit after a while.

Meditation at home with the technique of using words

Wherever you are sitting, lean on your back and let your head be free. That is, you don’t need to rest your head on anything. Look at the clock and then close your eyes and generally hear the word “one” in the background of your mind. Of course, it is natural for other thoughts to arise in your mind; Don’t worry; when you fantasize about anything, return to the word “one.” Don’t worry about speed and time. Concentrate calmly and without stress and trouble.

Look at the clock whenever you like. Practice knowing the time for 5 minutes and try to look at the clock again, imagining that this time has passed. During these 5 minutes, close your eyes and focus on the specific word. Spend the last few minutes giving thanks. Right now, choose the three things you are most grateful for. It is better to make your choice so that you remember them and put a smile on your face. You may think that this solution is straightforward, and yes, you are right, but this simple method helps to relax the body, and you can continue your daily activities in the best way.

Enjoy eating chocolate

Take a small piece of your favorite delicious chocolate. Before cutting the chocolate, take a few deep breaths, inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. By doing this, the body and brain are prepared. Admire the chocolate in your hand for a few moments. Where did this attractive and delicious food come from? Imagine the ingredients of chocolate in your mind in their natural environment and the people who cultivated it.

If you feel impatient and bored, wait for a little before eating chocolate. Do you feel pleasure and excitement? Or do you feel worried and upset? Check the chocolate with your eyes, nose, and hands for a minute. Look closely, smell it carefully, and touch the chocolate with your fingers.

Take a small bite, but try not to chew it. Please pay attention to how the chocolate feels in your mouth, its texture, and its temperature. Taste it thoroughly. Instead of chewing, let the chocolate melt in your mouth by moving it with your tongue. Lean back on the chair and enjoy these minutes.

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