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High emotional intelligence will make your career successful

According to a report called (Future of Jobs) published on the website of the World Economic Forum, emotional intelligence will be one of the ten primary skills for finding a job.

In recent years, emotional intelligence has become an important job skill; in some cases, it even surpasses professional expertise. In 2011, an interview on career issues was conducted with more than 2,600 hiring managers and HR professionals. In this interview, 71% stated that emotional intelligence is more valuable than individual intelligence (IQ). 75% said they would be more likely to promote employees with higher emotional intelligence, and 59% indicated rejecting people with high intelligence but low emotional intelligence in a job interview.

The question is why companies emphasize emotional intelligence so much. In the following, we will examine seven reasons in response to “why people with high emotional intelligence are so valuable for a company.”

They can healthily manage work pressure.

To cope with the pressures of the work environment and perform appropriately in stressful situations, we must be able to manage our emotions. People with a high level of emotional intelligence are more aware of their internal thermometer and are, therefore, more able to control their stress levels. They have more mature defense mechanisms and a healthy support system that allows them to function effectively even in difficult situations. The growing rate of changes in the work environment has increased job stress and highlighted the value of emotional intelligence for stress management.

They understand others better and get along more quickly.

Since the importance of teamwork in different work environments is increasing, those who can understand each other and get along better can do a successful collaboration. People with high emotional intelligence can communicate well with people from different cultures and backgrounds. This is an essential ability in a large work environment.

They are good listeners.

Everyone wants to be heard and understood. Listening well and responding appropriately to others are critical to developing strong working relationships. Most of us are not as good listeners as we should be. People with high emotional intelligence can ignore their desires for the sake of others because of their ability to understand others. They understand the emotions of others from the tone of voice and body posture of people, and therefore they can enter into a group system very well.

Being a good listener can have many benefits, both for yourself and for those around you. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Builds Strong Relationships: When you listen actively to someone, you show that you care about what they have to say. This can help to build trust and deepen your relationship with that person.
  • Improves Communication: Good listening skills can help to improve communication between you and others. When you listen carefully, you can better understand the other person’s perspective and respond in a thoughtful and productive way.
  • Fosters Learning: Listening is a key component of learning. When you listen attentively, you can absorb new information, ideas, and perspectives that can help you grow and develop.
  • Increases Empathy: Good listening skills can help you to understand and empathize with others. By putting yourself in another person’s shoes, you can gain a better understanding of their experiences and emotions.
  • Reduces Conflict: Listening carefully to others can help to prevent misunderstandings and conflicts. By being attentive and responsive, you can help to resolve disagreements and build stronger relationships.

Overall, being a good listener can have many positive benefits for both you and those around you. It’s an important skill to cultivate in both your personal and professional life.

They accept feedback better.

Free, honest, and timely feedback is critical to job performance. Significantly when annual performance reviews are delayed. Employees with high emotional intelligence are less likely to say something that upsets others, and of course, they accept other people’s feedback about their behavior and performance more quickly. Especially when it comes to their development, their high self-esteem helps them to be positive enough to see feedback as a way to improve rather than take it personally.

They help others with empathy.

Cooperation is not only in business relationships; cooperation is a response to the feelings of the group. People with high emotional intelligence understand well when others need trust and empathy. This ability helps the group to focus on their work tasks rather than side issues. They facilitate cooperation in the group by paying attention to the needs of others and empathic behavior.

They are an excellent example for others.

People’s high emotional intelligence helps them not to be disappointed when things don’t go according to plan. Their ability to get along with others is a model for their colleagues, which is the key to influencing people in any organization. High emotional intelligence helps people understand and respect their colleagues’ discomfort, making them feel better as well as the whole group.

They make decisions with thought and planning.

People with high emotional intelligence can see a problem from the point of view of others, which helps them better judge how their behavior affects others. This view not only allows them to make better decisions but also helps them in managing problems. They can correctly feel the consequences of their decisions, allowing their active and effective behavior in different situations.

It is clear that those who quickly adapt to changes, manage their emotions, and work well with a wide range of people; are valuable in most work environments. But with the increasing growth of work pressure and changes in the work environment, this issue has become more critical.

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