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Depression treatment; Home remedies, and lifestyle changes

Although depression is recognized as a mental disorder, its negative effects on other aspects of health are scientifically proven. If depression is not managed properly, the roots of this disorder will spread and affect the person’s thoughts, feelings, and behavior. As a result, a person unintentionally loses control over their mental and emotional processing. These internal changes cause a person’s social skills and physical health to face problems.

Depression has different effects on different people. Various treatment methods are needed to deal with these effects. Common drug treatments and behavioral counseling alone cannot cure problems caused by depression. People need complementary approaches such as self-care measures, lifestyle changes, and home remedies to overcome depression. Join us as we discuss home remedies and lifestyle changes to treat depression.

Home remedies for depression.

Very little research has been done to prove the role of home remedies in relieving depression symptoms. On the other hand, many people have experienced the positive effect of these treatments. Considering these two reasons, researchers do not deny the influential role of home remedies in dealing with stress. Of course, this confirmation does not mean that people can be satisfied with these home remedies, but these treatments can help reduce the symptoms of the disease and increase the effectiveness of the principal treatments.

Providing an essential solution for these treatments, accurately expressing the positive effects, and recognizing the correct way to do them, requires more research. It is better to consult a doctor before starting home remedies to avoid possible adverse effects.

The following home remedies will help you manage depression and reduce its symptoms.


Walnuts contain unsaturated fatty acids such as omega-3, especially alpha-linolenic acid. Walnut consumption can effectively reduce the number and severity of depression symptoms. The research conducted in this field showed that the consumption of nuts, such as walnuts, is related to reducing symptoms of depression and depression.

Older people usually face cognitive disorders, which are the main cause of depression in the aged. As a result of a clinical trial in 2017, it was found that daily consumption of walnuts can effectively delay the onset of these disorders.


Saffron is not just an everyday spice. This plant has antidepressant properties and is used to treat severe depression. A clinical trial conducted in 2015 showed that patients with severe depression can take saffron supplements and benefit from their benefits in treating depression. Also, in an experiment with an exact scientific method, it was determined that consuming supplements containing saffron regulates the level of homocysteine in the body and thus helps in the treatment of severe depression.

In addition to these laboratory results, the research analysis conducted until 2019 shows that saffron-containing supplements have a far more significant therapeutic effect than placebos, and their effectiveness is similar to antidepressants.

Exposure to light:

Usually, suffering from seasonal affective disorder or seasonal depression is related to a lack of light during the day. Therefore, increasing the time of sunlight exposure can help treat this disorder. If you can, spend more time outside during the day. Walking or doing various sports exercises are good reasons to leave the house.

Research conducted in 2017 showed that light therapy has a very fast effect on treating depression. Another study in the field of light therapy found that if people with bipolar disorder were exposed to more light during the day, the frequency of depression symptoms would decrease.


Curcumin in turmeric has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, consuming turmeric can help maintain mental health and help deal with stress. Scientific research has shown that curcumin is an effective chemical compound for the treatment of depression that does not have any side effects. Another result of these studies is that curcumin can reduce the symptoms of severe depression in patients.


Usually, people feel good after eating dark chocolate. Consuming dark chocolate can reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression. A clinical trial conducted in 2014 showed that daily consumption of 40 grams of a mixture of milk and dark chocolate for two weeks reduces common stress in women. Also, research in 2019 found that chocolate, incredibly dark chocolate, can reduce the likelihood of clinical symptoms of depression.

Lavender extract:

A 2016 study found that inhaling the scent of lavender for four weeks prevented postpartum depression, anxiety, and stress. Also, a survey conducted in 2017 shows that lavender oil can be an ideal alternative treatment for concern due to its effectiveness without side effects.

Lifestyle changes to treat and prevent depression.

A slight change in daily activities can help improve mood and even help prevent depression.

The mind also needs exercise:

Do your favorite hobbies, and remember to do exciting activities. Drawing, painting, sewing, sports, writing, and music are good options to stimulate positive thoughts and feelings that can help to be more creative. In your daily schedule, dedicate time to doing enjoyable activities; Walking with a close friend, watching a comedy show, playing with a pet, etc.

A healthy diet is essential:

A study conducted in 2017 showed that having a healthy diet reduces the risk of depression. This healthy diet includes whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, olive oil, low-fat dairy, and fish. On the other hand, it is an unhealthy diet that can increase the possibility of depression. An unhealthy diet includes high-fat dairy products, refined grains, sweets, and excessive consumption of red meat.

Plan to exercise:

If you do aerobics or yoga daily, you will experience more relaxation and a better mood. Doing aerobic exercises releases endorphins. Endorphin is a chemical compound that stimulates the nervous system and directly relates to feelings such as relaxation and euphoria. These exercises not only help to maintain fitness, but they are also effective in boosting self-confidence. In various types of research, the effectiveness of training in treating depression and reducing its symptoms has been evaluated. Most of these studies have shown that exercise positively affects patients with depression and can help improve their mental and emotional state.

Learn relaxation techniques:

Regular relaxation techniques can help reduce stress, reduce symptoms of depression, and improve health. You can get help from yoga, meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, or deep breathing exercises.

Research conducted on hospitalized patients with leprosy showed that using relaxation techniques reduces their anxiety and depression symptoms.

Record reminders and get help from loved ones

Keep a notebook and record cues and reminders to be successful in self-management. In addition, participation in social life and work activities is an excellent opportunity. You can get help from people closer to you to manage the disease.

Experience acupuncture:

By stimulating the nervous system, acupuncture releases neurotransmitters and creates necessary biochemical changes in the body. These changes affect the homeostasis mechanism of the body. As a result, the person experiences healthier conditions physically and mentally. Also, clinical trials have shown that acupuncture is very effective in treating severe depression caused by pregnancy.

Use behavioral strategies:

Do the activities you plan to do during the day and get them done. Plan valuable and enjoyable activities. To make movements easier to do, break them down into more straightforward steps. Reward yourself for following through on planning and completing activities.

Get enough sleep:

Sleep can significantly affect people’s mental health. Not having enough sleep and rest aggravates the symptoms related to depression. Increased irritability, sadness, boredom, and anger are some symptoms exacerbated by lack of sleep. Therefore, it is essential to have enough sleep; Sleep between 7 and 9 hours every night. To get enough sleep, you may need to change your lifestyle. Know the factors that negatively affect the quality of your sleep and correct your behavior. Improper diet, inactivity, consumption of caffeinated drinks, and alcohol consumption affect the quality of your sleep.

Depression treatment; Home remedies, and lifestyle changes
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Avoid alcohol and drugs:

Many people choose alcohol and drugs to feel better. Unaware that these substances usually aggravate mental disorders, especially anxiety and depression. To prevent depression or reduce its symptoms, look for safe and healthy ways to avoid alcohol or drugs.

Connect with healthy people:

Identify and interact with people who can play a supportive role and help boost your morale. Try to have healthy social interactions. If you isolate yourself, the symptoms of depression will increase.

You need to make changes:

Assessment of social and environmental factors is essential. Identify any factors that cause unpleasant feelings in you and take action to change the situation.

It would help if you had support:

Ask your loved ones for support. Overcoming depression requires a long struggle that you should not be alone in. Negative thoughts and feelings will overwhelm you if you try to continue unaided. As a result, you experience less success every day and eventually lose hope.

Depression may surround you so much that you cannot look for the beauty of life and prefer to live in your solitary world. This isolation aggravates your depression, and you may feel inclined to self-harm or commit suicide.

In this challenging situation, you should get help from others. Do not be afraid of being judged. Share your concerns and worries with people you trust. You must only expect them to understand your thoughts and feelings before you talk to others.

Getting help from counseling services is a good option, but you also need support in your personal space. With the support of family and friends, you can create a safe and comfortable private room.

Join support groups and go to group therapy sessions:

Joining support groups and participating in group therapy will help you get to know the experiences of other patients with depression and learn valuable tips from them. This will make you feel less alone. On the other hand, your adventures can be informative for others. If you think you have been able to help others, you will experience a sense of worth that can help you overcome your feelings of helplessness.

A correct program for the treatment of depression is adjusted according to the conditions and needs of the patient. Some people can overcome depression with lifestyle changes and home remedies, but others need unique treatment methods offered only in related medical centers.

However, leaving bad habits, making favorable behavioral changes, and experiencing some home treatments can increase the effectiveness of standard therapies and accelerate the recovery process. Of course, it may take some time for these changes and treatments to reach their desired results; You should not be disappointed and leave them in the middle of the way.

Try different treatments and modifications to determine which works best for you. Then follow the appropriate change and treatment seriously; when you want to try a new treatment method, your doctor should know so that you can avoid complications with their guidance.

What are the negative effects of depression if not managed properly?

If not managed properly, depression can affect a person’s thoughts, feelings, and behavior, leading to problems with social skills and physical health.

What are some home remedies that can help manage depression and reduce its symptoms?

Some home remedies include consuming walnuts, saffron, turmeric, and dark chocolate, increasing exposure to light, and inhaling the scent of lavender.

What lifestyle changes can help treat and prevent depression?

Lifestyle changes include doing enjoyable activities, maintaining a healthy diet, exercising regularly, learning relaxation techniques, getting enough sleep, avoiding alcohol and drugs, connecting with healthy people, and seeking support from loved ones.

How can acupuncture help with depression?

Acupuncture stimulates the nervous system, releases neurotransmitters, and creates necessary biochemical changes in the body, which can help improve physical and mental health conditions.

What is the role of sleep in managing depression?

Sleep can significantly affect mental health. Lack of sleep can aggravate symptoms related to depression, such as increased irritability, sadness, boredom, and anger. Therefore, it is essential to get enough sleep, ideally between 7 and 9 hours every night.

Why is it important to avoid alcohol and drugs when dealing with depression?

Many people choose alcohol and drugs to feel better, unaware that these substances usually aggravate mental disorders, especially anxiety and depression. To prevent depression or reduce its symptoms, it’s important to look for safe and healthy ways to avoid alcohol or drugs.

How can support groups and group therapy sessions help someone dealing with depression?

Joining support groups and participating in group therapy can help individuals get to know the experiences of other patients with depression and learn valuable tips from them. This can make them feel less alone and their experiences can be informative for others, which can help them overcome feelings of helplessness.

What is the importance of consulting a doctor when trying new treatment methods for depression?

Consulting a doctor when trying new treatment methods is important to avoid complications. The doctor can provide guidance and ensure that the new treatment method doesn’t interfere with any existing treatments or medications.

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